Innovation in Sports

Innovation is key to create and maintain your competitive advantage in sports. Innovations like software, sports equipment and sports facilities, will ultimately increase the sport participation, sport experience and performance!

Business Development in Sports

How to make innovations ready to market, find the right partners and create a match with the target group and end-consumer? These important steps are the basics that determine or you will succeed in the sport business!

Internationalisation in Sports

In a global economy, internationalisation is becoming more important to scale up your business, to exchange knowledge and to cooperate research projects. Although borders seem to be fading, there are still many challenges ahead!

What we do


Create Partnerships

We created a large network of key stakeholders in the Netherlands and international sports industry. Therefore, we are able to connect you to the right business partner in the Netherlands and beyond!

Marketing & Communication

We are responsible for the marketing and communication of several organizations and partnerships in sports and business. 

Manage Partnerships

We are experienced in creating and managing collaborative partnerships between several companies, organizations and/or governments. These partnerships will combine our strengths and realise common goals. 

International business trips

We organize several business trips per year, like trade missions and joint participations in international exhibitions and fairs, with 10 - 15 companies. 

International Business

We support several companies per year with their first steps in international business. We are acknowledged by the Dutch government (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) as a 'Starter for International Business Coach'.

Project management

We managed a variety of international projects related to sport and business and worked for several organizations who are active in the field of sports. 

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