Hattrick is involved as initiator and coordinator for a multi-year ‘public private partnership’ between 20 Dutch companies and the Dutch government. This  partnership focusses on the US sports market to capitalize on the opportunities related to sports in the USA, like the FIFA World Cup in 2026, the Olympics of LA2028 and the fastest growing league, the MLS (Major League Soccer).

On behalf of Orange Sports Forum, Hattrick was involved in the creation of a consortium of 20 Dutch sports related companies, together with the Dutch government (Ministries, the Dutch Embassy in Washington and the Dutch Consulate General in Miami). Hattrick was responsible for the application and formation of the consortium in 2020 and for the next three years, Hattrick will be involved in creating a general positioning strategy for the consortium, developing communication tools, organising trade missions and webinars and participate in several exhibitions and fairs.   

The  following organisations participate in this program:

  1. AAA-LUX: www.aaa-lux-lighting.nl
  2. Active Esports Arena: www.activeesportsarena.nl
  3. Content Stadium: www.contentstadium.com
  4. De Johan Cruyff Foundation: www.cruyff-foundation.org
  5. Feyenoord: www.feyenoord.nl
  6. Fontys Hogescholen: fontys.nl
  7. Grass Valley: www.grassvalley.com
  8. HEG Consult: hegconsult.com
  9. Holland Football University: Holland Football University
  10. Hydraloop Systems B.V.: www.hydraloop.com
  11. Kicks n Sticks: kicksnsticks.eu
  12. KPMG: www.kpmg.com
  13. Metrica Sports: metrica-sports.com
  14. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: www.government.nl
  15. Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports: www.government.nl
  16. Netherlands Enterprise Agency: www.rvo.nl
  17. Philips: www.philips.nl
  18. PlasmaMade: www.plasmamade.com
  19. ProSoccerData: www.prosoccerdata.com
  20. Recreational Systems International (RSI): recreationalsystemsint.com
  21. Sportinnovator: www.sportinnovator.nl
  22. VDL Groep: www.vdlgroep.com
  23. Vekoma Rides Manufacturing: www.vekoma.com